What size wiper blades for Discovery 1 300TDI or V8?

I got fed up of attempting to search the web for the size of wiper blades after another muddy bath destroyed the rubbers on mine, so thought it would be worthy of note.

Landrover Discovery 1 uses 18″ for both front wiper blades and 13″ for the rear wiper blade. I’ve tried various sorts, but nothing seems to beat the original style wiper blades.

These are the ones I purchased: Bosch SP18 Super Plus () and for the rear you need 13″ ones ().

Lightbulb shortage threatens civil unrest in Brightwalton

Theft of lightbulbs in Brightwalton village occur unabated as neighbours go around stealing others people external lights. Why this phenomenon is occurring is a mystery, though speculation is that old wannabe middle class nimbys are looking for nocturnal pleasures. Others say that it’s part of a fantasy jacuzzi cult. Who knows…