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1st world middle class petitions – locals with no lives

Doesn’t seem like two years ago, but to the day, my middle class NIMBY neighbour knocked on the door and ask me to sign a petition.  The middle classing revolting?  No, it was a petition against the white van parked on the opposite side of the road to their house.  What a first world problem, how trivial and pathetic.  The neighbour opposite works at least 5 day a week gardening and these NIMBY’s were out there to seek to stop him working.  After making him redundant unable to continue his business, I can only assume that a petition would follow complaining that the poor chap was now on benefits and eating into the tax they pay (or perhaps largely avoid paying).

I do wish that the energies of these people could be used for something good for once and not to try and keep their social status (as the van was surely reducing the price of their tiny middle class house and the oiks living opposite must surely belong in another village [sic]).  Why these sorts of people go to a small community I’ve no idea.  They contribute nothing positive and spend their lives disrupting others to keep their old fashioned middle class ways.  Perhaps a ‘secondment’ to a 3rd world country would put their trivial lives into perspective.

More face painting fun

Another batch of face painting this weekend. Hands stained in red paint now – not too professional for work Monday. Still good fun though and made loads of money for charity. Weather is good, so that always helps.

West Berks Environmental Health fix the stinking sewage problems at The Crab in Chieveley

Looks like West Berks Environmental Health people have stood up to the challenge of the sewage leaking from The Crab on the B4494 Newbury to Wantage road and have helped them to fix their problems. Many thanks to West Berkshire Environmental Health – great job!

"Good morning Mr Hollister

The Crab employed a drainage engineer who appears to have resolved the drainage issue. I visited the restaurant yesterday and the side of the road had no ponding water/effluent and has been dry for about a week. Hopefully that is the end of the matter.


Tony McEvoy

Senior Environmental Health Officer

Commercial Team

West Berkshire and Wokingham Environmental Health and Licensing Service"

Face painting for charity today

Had a bit of fun face painting for Brightwalton School today. Not sure how much I raised this time, but it was very busy and lots of people turned up (despite the snow). First time I’ve had to face paint whilst wearing wellies and many layers of clothes, but clearly the kids of the downlands here are made of sturdy stuff as none complained about the cold. Sprog 3 also won the Easter Bonnet competition – well done to her.

Brightwalton Easter Bonnet Winner 2013
Brightwalton Easter Bonnet Winner 2013

One the way back I snapped a nice picture of the church – snow melting fast but still looking amazing.

Brightwalton Church March 2013
Brightwalton Church March 2013

Raw sewage a health hazard near the Crab at Chieveley

It's been what seems like well over a year now since raw sewage smelling water is running from outside the Crab at Chieveley. It seems to have started from a drain directly outside with a foul smelling puddle on the road, to now where the whole road both lanes are covered in disgusting effluent. There is a distinctly cease pit smell to the water and the stench for passing cars is disgusting. There must be a health hazard here for anyone subject to direct spray – cyclists, walkers or motor bike riders; let alone the unaware motorist with any windows open. I can't quite understand how this clear health hazard has been allowed to continue for so long.

I am sure that if this was me I would be horrified and would seek to resolve the problem however I could immediately. The business that must be lost to the Crab at Chieveley by the smell must be massive. I would hope that no one gets ill from the effluent. In these days of no-win-no-fee I'm sure there would be potentially huge financial claims.

West Berkshire Council Public Health: http://www.westberks.gov.uk/index.aspx?articleid=3964

WBC Public Health Team email address: EHadvice@westberks.gov.uk

Snow arrives in West Berkshire

Nice chunk of snow arrives in West Berkshire. Most roads have been cleared to a good enough standard, but a few drivers continue to drive at insane speeds. Loads of kids out on sledges and having great fun. My dogs are enjoying the snow too!

Snow in Brightwalton