Trust overt or covert challenge?

Is it better to trust someone that you can see openly challenging you or is it better to trust those that hide the same actions?

It’s quite a simple question with some very interesting observations.  I’ve seen a range of approaches and it’s fascinating to see how many people are trapped trusting those who are covertly campaigning against them.  They seem to do this because they fear challenge and don’t observe or recognize the covert action.  They can not or do not see how people can be manipulated to ensure that the perpetrator is not obviously the instigator and how deflection is the gift of a deceiver.

Perhaps this is the accepted nature of politics; but it does not have to be so.  It is perpetuated by the thirst for power or influence; and the perceived need to prevent challenge, to prevent criticism and a very real fear of failure.

But I have had the privilege of working with some very intellectual and very wise Continue reading