More face painting fun

Another batch of face painting this weekend. Hands stained in red paint now – not too professional for work Monday. Still good fun though and made loads of money for charity. Weather is good, so that always helps.

Face painting for charity today

Had a bit of fun face painting for Brightwalton School today. Not sure how much I raised this time, but it was very busy and lots of people turned up (despite the snow). First time I’ve had to face paint whilst wearing wellies and many layers of clothes, but clearly the kids of the downlands here are made of sturdy stuff as none complained about the cold. Sprog 3 also won the Easter Bonnet competition – well done to her.

Brightwalton Easter Bonnet Winner 2013
Brightwalton Easter Bonnet Winner 2013

One the way back I snapped a nice picture of the church – snow melting fast but still looking amazing.

Brightwalton Church March 2013
Brightwalton Church March 2013

Food banks fill an essential gap in our welfare system

Frustrating to see that yet another Conservative is so insensitive to the people in this country – this time it’s about poverty and food banks. Chris Steward a councillor for York shows just how out of touch these people are. In their own little private well funded world. I don’t wish ill on anyone, but it would be good for Chris Steward and other Conservatives to live in poverty, not just for days, but for years. This would give them a little perspective and an understanding of how their view’s mismatch the needs of the people in this country.

Just to be clear though, in West Berkshire the Green Party do not agree with his words. He is at best an uninformed fool and worst a publicity seeking Toff. Food banks provide an amazing service in one of the great gaps in our welfare system. We should be praising the people and companies that provide food and people for their time helping others. If I had my magic wand I would change the welfare system and our working system – a move to a living wage, training, etc. A caring, cooperative and inclusive Green society would provide everyone with opportunities to do valuable work, pursue their interests, interact with their community, keep learning and enjoy nature.


‘Dear Richard Benyon,

A few days ago, Conservative councillor for York Chris Steward told the York Press: “The fact some give food to food banks, merely enables people who can’t budget (an issue where schools should do much more and I have said the council should) or don’t want to, to have more money to spend on alcohol, cigarettes etc.

“There is certainly no need for food banks; no-one in the UK is starving and I think food banks insult the one billion in the world that go to bed hungry every day.”

In my opinion this shows a lack of empathy and a serious gap in the Conservative Parties understanding of poverty and the causes of poverty.

Do you share his option, agree with his membership of the Conservative Party and will you be sharing your opinion with the Prime Minister?

Yours sincerely,

Adrian Hollister.’


Picture from ‘The Food Bankers’ WordPress site which can be found here.

Brightwalton Jubilee Street Party Today!

The village is looking amazing, bunting everywhere and kids all bouncing – it must be time for the Brightwalton Jubilee Street Party! Well, ok, it’s a couple of hours before it starts and it’s been raining cats and dogs all night; so it may be more of a village hall party, but who cares. It should be fun!

Pictures from the celebrations below: