Lightbulb shortage threatens civil unrest in Brightwalton

Theft of lightbulbs in Brightwalton village occur unabated as neighbours go around stealing others people external lights. Why this phenomenon is occurring is a mystery, though speculation is that old wannabe middle class nimbys are looking for nocturnal pleasures. Others say that it’s part of a fantasy jacuzzi cult. Who knows…

1st world middle class petitions – locals with no lives

Doesn’t seem like two years ago, but to the day, my middle class NIMBY neighbour knocked on the door and ask me to sign a petition.  The middle classing revolting?  No, it was a petition against the white van parked on the opposite side of the road to their house.  What a first world problem, how trivial and pathetic.  The neighbour opposite works at least 5 day a week gardening and these NIMBY’s were out there to seek to stop him working.  After making him redundant unable to continue his business, I can only assume that a petition would follow complaining that the poor chap was now on benefits and eating into the tax they pay (or perhaps largely avoid paying).

I do wish that the energies of these people could be used for something good for once and not to try and keep their social status (as the van was surely reducing the price of their tiny middle class house and the oiks living opposite must surely belong in another village [sic]).  Why these sorts of people go to a small community I’ve no idea.  They contribute nothing positive and spend their lives disrupting others to keep their old fashioned middle class ways.  Perhaps a ‘secondment’ to a 3rd world country would put their trivial lives into perspective.

Planning permission – the route to more cash?

We’ve recently gone through planning for our house, to convert something run down into something useful to the community and hopefully attract families back into the village. Families help keep open the local schools, clubs and other facilities – something that is lost when childless and older people retire to villages. The planning process worked well, with the local typical nutty tory NIMBY’s failing on their attempt of character assignation and intimidation of my girls (how brave they were picking on girls).

Old Trees Elevations
Old Trees Elevations

What surprised me is the value that has been added to the house as a building plot. It’s a huge amount of money and we’ve had a large number of builders that want to buy the land and hope that they can build two or more properties. It’s tempting to take the money and run – with the increase in value we could certainly buy a very nice house and we would leave the NIMBY’s living next to a building plot.

Food for thought I think.

Planning progress in Brightwalton

Planning is progressing for the changes to our family home in Brightwalton. There were a couple of objections, but most were boiler plate from the same person; so I hope they are all counted as a single issue. We are one of four original bungalows. At one end of the row we have a house that has been converted to a massive house. We are at the other end but the the house next door to us is in effect three stories high from our ground level so they won’t be impacted by any change.

We knew it was always going to be difficult to get planning in Brightwalton especially as were told a member of the parish council next door who has a propensity to complain about any change and anything modern. So surprise surprise, the parish councillor and the parish council were objectors with almost word for word the same points. Loss of objectivity I think there, especially as other parish councillors get their planning approved immediately. The old boys club is alive and well in what some would describe as a horridly corrupt quango.

It’s amazing to see how many people are stuck in the past – locked in the cycle of remembering better times. If they were being honest with themselves they would recognise that the past was not better, just different. There also seem to be groups that move to villages to die and are happy to watch the villages die around them. Personally I prefer change. It’s invigorating, an opportunity to do things better, and an opportunity to clear out the cobwebs from our collective failed past.

Good news is that the planning people and vast majority in the village approve of the plans. Let’s hope we can get this approved soon and start the building works… time to read a bit more on sustainable housing and building techniques.

Brightwalton Jubilee Street Party Today!

The village is looking amazing, bunting everywhere and kids all bouncing – it must be time for the Brightwalton Jubilee Street Party! Well, ok, it’s a couple of hours before it starts and it’s been raining cats and dogs all night; so it may be more of a village hall party, but who cares. It should be fun!

Pictures from the celebrations below: