Digital Innovation, Strategy & Transformation

Adrian Hollister“Hi, I’m Adrian Hollister and you’ve found your way to my blog.   I’m a digital innovator and strategist using years of experience within IT to promote working theories for the advancement of  business in a digital world.”

Technology innovation, digital strategy and its associated organisational transformation should be at the heart of every organisation. Digital-centric business strategies have proven to be critical for the survival, growth and evolution of modern business.  The digital revolution has rapidly transformed the fundamental nature of the way that business operates. Many sectors would not survive without their new digital lives.

For too long IT has worked in a silo. Bimodal IT is the new approach on the block – it is the ability to be both agile and dependable – and is the next step on from the Practical theories for using everything-as-a-service XaaS by Adrian Hollister.  This is a disruptive and transformational play that replaces traditional IT working practices, ensuring that cost is efficiently spent, providing technology innovation and unlocking a competitive edge.

This is not outsourcing, but a strategy that  releases the IT team from their self-imposed technology constraints and creates an environment focused around business need.  Key to this, is the use of professional agile partners and suppliers and a move away from traditional ‘hands on’ IT.

The everything-as-a-service XaaS model is a reality that pushes the boundaries for the IT traditionalists. Their old and unresponsive approach adds little real business value and lacks recognition of the business need. Like many, they are not advocates of change. So don’t be put off by your legacy IT team, the value unlocked by moving to this model will make sure that your business is sustainable, agile and digital-centric.


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