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So this is me Adrian Hollister and my general blog that aims to cover day-to-day thoughts, ideas, concepts and theories.  My passion is innovation, strategy, and creating ambitious, proactive and inventive teams.

adrian hollister

I’ve worked in IT for many years now and have seen the cycle of changes that organisations and people go through when adapting to new states:  From mainframes to Raspberry Pi, assembler to java, big data centres to cloud, owner to facilitator and buy to subscribe.

It’s been a good time to be in IT and it is a good time for business to embrace the digital world and seek the competitive advantages that unlocking information can bring.

Core speaking and consultancy topics:

  • Digital business – structure, design, approach, strategy
  • Transforming IT – everything-as-a-service, bi-modal, cost control
  • Demand management in IT – keeping on top of a pipeline of change
  • Making IT work for you – agility, flexibility, clear costs, facilitating business needs

Professional memberships:

  • Governor Marine Academy Plymouth
  • Chair Digital Plymouth Steering Group
  • Associate APPG Smarter Cities
  • MIoT
  • MBCS

Recent awards:

  • UCISA award for ‘Pipeline Management’
  • Proud to say that Scott Walker was short listed for ‘IT Apprentice of the Year’ at the 2015 UK IT Industry Awards


Twitter:  @adrianhollister

LinkedIn: find me here


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