Tech Innovation: Mayflower Autonomous Ship

Just once in a while you see an idea and think “that’s just impossible, improbable and expensive”.  Then you think, but how cool would that be.  Think of the engineering, the skills required, the innovation and then think of the potential.


Here is just one:  the Mayflower Autonomous Ship.  A Plymouth to Plymouth (UK-US) sailing of an autonomous ship.  I would argue this is more difficult technical proposition than an automated plane (see BAE systems for that) as most of the technology does not exist in a connected way and the numbers and complexities of the environments sensed around it are far more complex.

What amazing potential this technology has – water taxi’s automated, automated harbour entry systems, and a world connected shipping system. Those interconnected systems and sensors could publish weather, barometric, temperature, current, density and more from all around the world.  All live, all part of the internet of things.

They have launched a crowd funding campaign to get things off the ground, which with a rather modest ambition of 100K looks like they are getting close.  So I urge any like-minded innovators in technology, to go look at their site and help out where you can.

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