Skype for Business Mac (MacOS or OSX) quick review

Finally, it’s here – Skype for Business running on a Mac.  Well OK, some legacy versions have been around for a while, but the new version at 105Mb of code brings your Mac closer to the Windows platform.

Skype for Business on a Mac

Find Skype for Business for MacOS or OSX on the Microsoft website here.

So after a quick download, the installer runs as you would expect on a Mac and the auto update tool fires up straight away just to check you are current.  Running for the first time finds a connection attempt to and the log in dialogue box.  Interestingly it asks for email address, password and username.

Mac Skype for Business log in screen

A nice wizard pop’s up to tell you about the latest greatest things in the product, which after a short next, next, next, finish sequence actually gets you to the product.

Skype for Business Mac Opening Wizard

In terms of look and feel, it’s not as slick as normal Skype and just the look of the icons and the presentation format of the window, makes it look dated and cheap.

Skype for Business Mac Interface

It does however load and connect seamlessly.  It makes audio, video calls and chat seems to work too.  Overall though, it is just a bit underwhelming.  A long time in the making and it still feels out of date, come on MS, give Mac users a bit of love.

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