End Game: final gasps of the American Empire?

Is this another marker of the end of end of neoliberalism or the end of an empire? The American Empire? Like Rome and London, the final years of empire were highlighted by religious and political extremism pushed forward as the demand for change overtook the old ways.
Romes spiral of destruction started with ever more extreme political actions to keep the population and the wealthy in under control; and the evangelical embrace of Christianity whilst retaining devotion to expired gods.

In the UK, socialism and solidarity threatened the political elite. They were forced to embrace things that were good for people and not just the few; and a fiercely Christian system to had to concede that population gave up on religion – perhaps preferring science and logic.

So now in America, the quasi democratic system that allows you to choose between two parties of almost similar views promoting people from the same pool of political elite is being threatened by a more extreme view. From the right we have Trump – an unshamed fascist pushing views that Hitler would have signed up too; and from the left Bernie Sanders – someone that Europe would consider centre right.

These people are taking centre stage because there is a demand for change. A demand to do things differently. Perhaps the same old political figures from the same old political families and the same old line of money is finally showing Americans that, in fact, they have little or no actual choice, just the illusion of choice in a totalitarian state.

In religion too, look how the the Americans and their political campaigns have to reference God, morality and the implication of honesty to keep themselves afloat. Americans are told to look at religion to create the sense of righteousness, honesty, and civility. It’s a political slight of hand to distract Americans from the horror of the reality – to keep the American Empire, very bad things are done in the name of ‘democracy’ and ‘freedom’.

Perhaps the loss of wealth through debt will be the last straw; but perhaps the American people will awaken from their coma and see that their value system is broken. Perhaps these elections are the next step in their maturity.  Perhaps this is nothing more than a muse.

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