It is easy to be deceived in business – are you trapped in a bubble of unreality?

Just a muse today:  I do seem to be meeting a stream of false prophets at the moment.  People dedicated to saying ‘yes’ to whatever you say, people dedicated to making you think that you are right and that the world is amazing because of you.  Often with scant regard for the real world their goal is to elevate you into a bubble of unreality.  From this position you can do no harm to them (but also no good for you).

Some of these false prophets think they are politicians – spending their lives spinning yarns to the point of disbelief; some are light-hearted and are interested in you; but many are using this as a deception to cover their own troubles and limitations and to defraud you of the opportunity to help the real world (and yourself).

In business it is so easy to be enticed into these good news messages.  Seriously good managers are able to spot and mitigate against these people, but others suck it up and pat themselves on the back and worship these people as idols.

So my tip for the day: Take a step back and think about your business environment. Is it all as rosy or bad as you think? And what incentivises your team: your customer, the future, innovation; or is it padding nests, personal agenda or political ambition.

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