Satsuma Toilet Roll Fire Lighter

So with the festive time of year approaching fast and the numbers of satsumas and clementines filling the shelves, most people love to sock up on this fruit.  So this is a neat little tip that combines the waste skin from these fruits and turns them into a fairly good fire lighter.  What you need is a toilet roll tube, lots of skin and a bit of time.  Start with the tube on it’s end and slowly pack it with the skins.  Each new layer must dry completely before adding the next, so you may need to do several of these at the same time.  Once full, leave to completely dry – south facing window should be enough, even in winter.

What you end up with is a solid tube of orange peel which is very flammable and burns for enough time to get a good wood fire going.  Smells nice too when burning!

Creative Commons License
Satsuma Toilet Roll Fire Lighter by Adrian Hollister is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International

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