Will our greed see Fracking on the agenda

Our greed has pushed fracking to the headlines as analysis shows that the gas deposits within shale rock could provide massive volumes of natural gas in England. We have two routes of investment here, clearly we as a country can invest in shale gas extraction (fracking) or we could look to spend the investment in renewable energies.

The problem with renewal energies is that it’s often the NIMBY crowd who don’t want to see this adopted. It’s not in their interests and after all, fracking just puts a few gas towers in someone else’s community. But in reality it’s likely to be their problem. There won’t be one or two towers, there will be hundreds, covering prime home counties as well as the midlands and north. NIMBY Tory and Lib Dem areas will suddenly be awoken with the reality of events.

But the bounty of cash for the local community will silence some.

Still those same NIMBY’s will be complaining about the price of gas (and not thinking about how they can reduce their consumption) and they will be convinced that the prices of gas may go down for their central heating.

They won’t be thinking about any long term damage. They won’t learn from the examples in the US and Germany. They won’t have spent time watching Gasland or many of the other documentaries out there showing the consequences.

Such is this selfish generation that we have produced that only when the impact becomes personal to them, will they act and complain. They will take the local community cash, they will take a bigger glug on cheaper gas, and then whinge when it goes wrong for them. Of course, if it doesn’t impact them, they will ignore it.

Seriously though, could we, should we, pump a chemical soup into our bedrock and not expect consequences?

Take some time and watch Gasland.

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