Just some random words without meaning

This is an example of how to type and what to do when you are trying to look busy. There is nothing else to do at the moment, but to show how these things are allowed to develop, but you never know what happens when you just start typing stuff into the computer. Some times there are examples of how things can just be written without thinking about stuff. I would like to think that I can type fast and well without looking at the screen, but it just doesn’t happen too quickly.

This is another paragraph of text and looks to fill up with page with some more text. Nothing much to say, but at least it adds to the material and makes it look like there is more here than meets the eye. Who knows what the heck they are thinking about when they read this. Who knows who they are exactly. Perhaps they are just kids, browsing the web with nothing else to do. Perhaps they are old people, sat a home with a laptop on their knee browsing the web with slight fear and a bit of wonder. Perhaps though they have just hit this page because a search engine has pointed them in this direction.

Do I care though who’s looking at this junk page? Not really. It just marks words on a web site in no real order and with no real intention. No political stuff in this blog entry, no real meaning either. Just some words, some sentences and nothing in any real order. I would like to think it makes sense, but I know it won’t.

So what am I writing about? Nothing, just nothing. Well OK, not nothing, but nothing of any meaning or purpose. Well OK perhaps a purpose, the purpose is of course to add some text to a web blog entry because, well, because I can. Perhaps I can add some odd stuff to the page. Let’s see how it goes. I’ve a yellow Ethernet cable at the moment. Yellow because the other ones have slowly been taken at work. Taken by people I’m guessing who have forgotten theirs and need one badly. Yellow it seems is a deterrent. Not quite as good as the bright pink one I used to have, but that’s gone beyond the end of it’s standard working life and had to be ditched.

There must be a market out there for a personalised Ethernet cable. Perhaps name printing or some ‘don’t nick me’ stripes on the cable to show personalisation, and personalisation generally stops people in your own office ‘borrowing’ it. Mind you, what the heck would you do if you noticed your personalised Ethernet cable on your boss’s desk. Would you burst into the office and claim back your item? Perhaps you could stay late and sneak into the office and reposes your precious Ethernet cable – of course they may have taken it home, so now is clearly the time to get it back. Time to take some lessons in tact and perhaps dish out a lesson in humility to the boss. In I charge. ‘Sorry I just borrowed it’ came from the office before a potentially nasty confrontation. Perhaps the look on my face was enough to show I meant business. Perhaps though it was angry body language. Who cares, I have my cable back. For now.

See, I thought this ramble would go somewhere. Though perhaps not where it was originally intended. Or who knows, perhaps through some divine power, or perhaps through some unknown entity writing through my fingers into the keyboard the story formed? Or perhaps it’s just a bunch of junk put together by my own mad scrambled mind.

That Ethernet cable is bothering me again now. Why are they always too long or too short? They either take up too much space in your bag, or they are just not enough to reach from the nearest socket to where you want to work. Perhaps it’s a great cable conspiracy or perhaps the health and safety loonies in organisations make the sockets accessible only to placed you don’t want to work. I like the thought of a great covert body of health and safety executives planning world wide conspiracies to increase the sales of Ethernet cables, where they own a 60% stake. But more likely this ramble is just searching for another paragraph ending.

Perhaps then what I should be seeking is just the end of this random assortment of words 🙂

Have a great Christmas break people and a great year ahead.

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