Review of Rapid Pest Control in Newbury

The super rats seem to have gone bonkers this year, the numbers caught by the dogs in the back garden are large (several a day) and they seem ever more desperate for sources of food and shelter. A couple of weeks ago we heard the tell tale scratching in the loft. In the garden the in the middle of the countryside it’s not unusual to find a fair few rats, but in the house and the loft – no thanks.

A quick call to Rapid Pest Control found their voice mail – not a great start eh – but hang on Graham Chapple called us back within a few minutes and came out the same day. Blimey. After a quick venture up the loft there was evidence of the little pests. He did a thorough job and went around the house to look for signs of entry, recommended a little pruning and identified rat runs under the neighbours sheds.

He put down some poison for the rats in the loft and agreed a weekly visit to clear up any dead and check progress. It’s been a couple of weeks now and all scratching has gone. No more bait has been eaten, so it looks like the problem has been solved.

So would I recommend Rapid Pest Control in Newbury? Too right – very friendly, professional, honest and thorough. If your looking for pest control in the Newbury area you should give Graham a call.


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