0.8W LED light going well

We don't have working front or back lights in the house, just a single light down the side of the house. There are a couple of street lights in the village, but they are just for the old folk living in a couple of huge houses, not for the likes of us with families and busy lives; either way, we don't really have a need in the village. Most people have outside lights and many have those overpowering 500W halogen lights that flood huge areas with light.

Our single light is nothing in comparison and it's running a 0.8W LED light. Equivalent to a 35W conventional bulb, it's not bright, but it's a cold white light that does well at lighting the side of our house and stopping the kids/visitors etc from crashing into the gate or bikes. Last night was the first cold night we had since putting the light in and LED's have stood up well to the temperature. Our thermometer registered -3 C here so it was quite cold. The performance of the LED light seemed perfect. When I got back in with the dogs at about midnight last night it was giving good visibility and no noticeable heat either.

Even compared to a compact fluorescent bulb, we are talking 90% energy saving and it actually works just as well in the cold without the relatively high and slow start up cost of CFL bulbs too. What we need now is manufacturing plant in the UK making this type of bulb and investing in R&D for much lower energy lighting.

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