Lower Tax does not equal better income

Interesting that the perception on Tax is driven by head line rates.

There is a media created impression that Tories generally reduce tax, but this is for the richest and for big business and they rely upon people aspiring to be like them to create the idea that lower tax = greater income. No idea what Lib Dem's stand for, depends on the direction of power I guess. Labour seem to have taken the stance that by increasing the wealth of everyone, there would be bigger tax income and a generally lower burden.

Labour failed by only going half-way, by gambling with the riches they created and by forgetting to create a fair and sustainable economy. Sustainable has to be one we can afford, removes the casino effect and allows everyone to prosper. Fair is just that – honestly doing the best for the country as a whole, not political donors or social/geographical stereotypes. There is only one political party in the UK offering fair and honest tax, the Green Party.

I wonder how many middle class tories and lib dems feel richer at the moment despite tax cuts for the richest?

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