John Bercow should publish the list of landlords

Dear Richard Benyon MP,

It is with great concern that I read about continued problems with MP's

expenses – the latest of which appears to indicate that MP's are

renting out a property they own (often one purchased under the old

expenses regime that was abolished following public outrage over the

system in 2009) while using the expenses system to rent out another

property in central London, and making a profit in the process.

It has been suggested that some MPs may even be renting their

properties out to each other to milk the system.

Could I seek your assurance that you are not party to this and could I

ask you to petition John Bercow to publish the list of MP's landlords.

I fear that anything less would further continue to undermine the

integrity of our democratic system.

I appreciate you time on this issue.

Yours sincerely,

Adrian Hollister.

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