Osborne backs Fracking

What the fracking hell is going on in the Conservative Party? Osborne says that he will "open up newly discovered shale gas reserves beneath our land" – fracking to the rest of us. This is the same fracking that caused earth quakes when first tested in this country and the same fracking that has caused gas and hideous pollutants to enter the water course throughout north America.

Green MP Caroline Lucas, tabled an Early Day Motion calling for a moratorium on the onshore and offshore exploration of shale gas.

Adrian Hollister, Green Activist for West Berks Green Party said, "With shale gas areas licensed by DECC as close to Newbury as Andover we are not immune to this – this is not someone else's problem. I cannot see how the Conservatives and Liberal Democrats can honesty cover up the evidence for the significant environmental damage caused by fracking. This just stinks of financial lobbying. It's not sustainable, sensible or ethical – but since when could these labels be attributed to the Tories?"

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