Homelessness returns to West Berkshire

Newbury Today web site reports that rates in West Berkshire have climbed to 1,120 from 61. Quite how many of these people are doing this by choice and how many are transitory (passing through the region), it's not clear from the information; but it's a predictable result of the economy being depressed by ideological changes introduced by the Tories and Lib Dems and the general economic depression around the world. Whilst the Tories and Lib Dems were keen to hand out bits of government to their business chums, they failed to invest in the consequences and have not given any provision for local authorities to pick up the mess. The investment required by West Berks to house all of these people is significant and is likely to be unaffordable with the current reduced budget provision and targets. Seems a missed opportunity that the Bank of England continues to invest in the banks through QE and yet this investment funds could provide generations with facilities that can help with these problems and provide an encouraging way forward. One can only hope that they wake up and realise the damage that they have done and continue to do to our society and community – will our children and their children thank us?

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