Berks and Wilts Canal – still not made it to Uffington

You've gotta love walking on the old Berks and Wilts Canal. Good stretches are filled-in, dry or just stinky mud, but there are sections that are being renewed and areas with good water levels. I only managed to get to Sparsholt again yesterday. Party cos I'm full of cold, but also I met some great people on the walk and stopped for too many long chats! Might have to start further along next week and see if I can finally get through to Uffington; but I know the route from Sparsholt to Uffington is by no means a straight route – most of the canal network from there is now private land (or at least that's what the signs tell you).

Black Canal Water

Found a very strange section of canal with thick black water. So dark you can't see just under the surface. Best not let the dogs drink from that section.

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