Long Term Review of Egg Skelter

Need somewhere to keep your eggs? Have chickens and want a neat way of showing your slightly unusual eggs? Well quite some time ago we purchase an Egg Skelter. This was well before they started showing up on various TV programs and boomed in popularity. They are a darn simple but amazingly effective design – two rows of welded steel wire allow you to stack your eggs. The eggs roll down the wires to the bottom or the last egg, and whilst running eggs down the 'skelter' is great fun for the kids, it's a sure way to produce an eggy mess on your worktop. If used as designed though you start at the bottom with your eggs and pile them up the skelter. So the oldest is at the bottom and the newest at the top. When you take the oldest eggs from the bottom they all neatly shuffle down the skelter freeing up room towards the top for more eggs. So it's simple, you use up the oldest eggs first (though in my house oldest egg's don't seem to be more than a day or two old!)

Egg Skelter

So here is ours, it's in green obviously and has survived various moves, serious abuse from the kids and a trip in the dishwasher (it doesn't look like the sort of thing that would appreciate a dishwasher so I don't recommend it). Not too many egg's on it at the moment, the kids are going cake and boiled egg mad, but you get the idea. These egg's are small from our new batch of chickens – not the best size for this standard Egg Skelter, but the size should improve as they grow up a bit.

The only problem that I've ever had is with egg's that are too large or too small. My old black rocks used to fire out giant egg's that wouldn't fit, but egg's that size don't usually last past breakfast!

The only comment I get from people is – "why don't you keep your eggs in the fridge?". Of course, when they are as fresh as my egg's you don't need to keep them in cold storage – they don't need to last too long. I keep them out of sun light and I've kept them perfectly ok after a few weeks of being away on holiday. The whole issue is a bit debate – fridge or no fridge, I am firmly on the 'why bother – keep them on the worktop' side of things. You can always check your eggs by them by dunking in water – if they sink they are good, if they swim they are bad. Bit like the old witch trials eh – wonder if that is where they got it from?

So was it a good purchase? Oh yea. One of the best and most long lasting things that I have bought for ages.

Adrian Hollister

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