Another day of drought – flooding and tree’s down

Well, it's another day of drought in the Downlands of West Berkshire. Today we have heavy rain, high winds, local flooding and tree's down. If only Thames Water gave out free water butts we all could capitalise on this deluge and save some water for plants when the sunshine comes back. A quick trip to the shops not only seem to have confirmed that the Landy needs some attention, but that many roads are closed due to flooding and tree's. Getting to Lambourn from Great Shefford is not possible and several roads around Brightwalton have been closed. Hasn't stopped people from driving at nutty speeds though, we were narrowly missed by a beemer out of control after aquaplaning on a flooded stretch of road. Let's hope these darwin award hopefuls don't take anyone else out in the process. Safe journeys out there everyone.

Road closed near Brightwalton
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