I am just bored of Local Lib Dem’s disassociation from their own MP’s

Is it just me, or do the Liberal Democrats in West Berkshire consistently disassociate themselves with their governing MP's? The slightest poor PR ratings head their way see's them running to the press to hail their innocence. It's seems astonishing that they can on one hand stand up and say 'listen to us, we are serious and in power' and on the other say 'but any bits you think are bad are all the Tories'.

They give the very name of a coalition a bad name. They have single handedly moved good chunks of society from supporting them and PR, to being in abject horror of what it could bring.

Please someone remind the Lib Dems in Newbury that they are part of the government and they are helping decide some very bad things at the moment for our society and our country; and they should recognise that fact and take ownership of it.

If only we had more Green MP's – it seems that we are the only ones out there with enough bottle to do what is right and fair for the country as a whole; stand up for a liberal and fair society with justice for all; and, as Jenny Jones recently brokered in the London Mayoral hustings, we are the only political party that look to bring complete truth, honestly and transparency to government.

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