Wantage to Challow via Childrey Walk

This could easily be a circular walk, but I'm still taking it easy with the knee so wanted to limited myself to 4 miles. It's an easy walk with no significant hills and it's mostly solid footpath. Good for the dogs and some good views of the Thames Valley and edge of the North Wessex Downs.

Start: Wantage Park. There is good parking and you could easily extend this route back to here (only add's a mile or so).

Waypoint: Childrey

End: East Challow

Distance: 3.9 miles

Time taken: 1 hour 16 mins

Elevation change: not recorded but there are no significant hills

Dog walking: 80% off lead. Few dogs or other walkers.

Track condition: Good gravel/tarmac short stretch of field grass and mud.

Accessibility: Some stiles, narrow paths, overgrown in places. No shelter. Occasional seat.

Difficulty: Easy romp.

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