Richard Benyon continues to enjoy tax avoiding ‘Trust Fund’

Apart from MP Richard Benyon and his family estate, I'm struggling to find anyone in West Berkshire that benefits from the new budget. Whilst the Chancellor targets his version on 'morally repugnant' tax avoidance, he fails to tackle tax avoidance from Trust Funds and other vehicles set up to hide the super wealthy from the tax. If they were looking to be fair and honest, they would ensure that all loop holes for Trust Funds are closed and that these bodies pay their fair share. But with all his family silver tied up in one of these tax avoidance schemes, why would Richard Benyon want to do this?

Only the Green Party offers a fair tax system. Let's start with the closure of the nearly £30 billion a year lost to fraud and tax evasion. That would help balance the books and allow us to keep the NHS whilst investing in our future. If you feel suckered into voting Tory or Liberal Democrat in Newbury last time around – don't you think it's time for a real, honest and fair change? Join the Green Party, vote for us, and help us change this country for the better.

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