End Dog Breeding Abuse

A BBC programme on Pedigree Dogs and the methods used to produce the 'perfect' dog has hit the headlines again for highlighting breeding issues for pedigree dogs. It's one of those shock programmes that highlights the risks to the welfare of pedigree dogs. The documentary, from 2008, was updated with a 'Three Years On' version highlighting that some positive changes have taken place, but that deeply troubling issues are still prevalent in an industry that has historically cared more about the appearance of dogs rather than the animal's health and well being.

Adrian Hollister, Newbury Green Party: "I agree with the recommendations to create an independent government-backed regulator. This will help the Kennel club as it's in a difficult position juggling their commitments to both breeders and dogs."

Green Party Deputy Leader Adrian Ramsay said on the Green Party web site:

"The breeding practices that have been exposed in the BBC documentary show that dog welfare is being disregarded. It is perverse that some breeders deliberately breed dogs with major health problems and deformities for prestige and to win competitions.

"The Green Party has long supported the measures that the journalist called for in the documentary. An independent regulatory committee is crucial to safeguarding the health of dogs."

Green Party Animal Welfare Spokesperson and Vet, Caroline Allen also comments:

"In my job as a small animal vet it is clear that the Kennel Club alone cannot deal with this problem. I have seen no sign of a decrease in breed related problems and there are many other issues associated with irresponsible dog breeding that the Kennel Club can simply do nothing about. Many breeders act outside of the Kennel Club, as do puppy farms. We need to regulate the whole industry to prevent the sort of suffering that vets are seeing on a daily basis. The financial cost of irresponsible breeding is also a high one, with increasing number of strays and dog attacks, costing local authorities and the NHS millions. The Green Party would introduce a requirement that all dogs be micro-chipped and would require that all breeders be licensed. It is time to tackle all aspects of irresponsible breeding."


1. BBC Documentary: http://www.bbc.co.uk/mediacentre/proginfo/2012/09/Pedigree-Dogs-Exposed-Three-Years-On.html and the original http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b00d4ljk

2. Green Party call for action to end Dog Breeding Abuse: http://www.greenparty.org.uk/news/green-party-call-for-action-to-end-dog-breeding-abuse.html

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