Posh Dog ready for Crufts 2012

Our three year old Finnish Lapphund called Rauhan is ready to strut his stuff at Crufts this year. Rauhan is a three year old Finnish Lapphund dog, with a string of wins and top 3 places. A few notable wins are the following:

-Best puppy in breed 2009 in Welks and Southern Counties (Newbury)

-1st Junior Dog at the Finnish Lapphund Club 2009

-A string of 1st and top three places

-2nd Post Grad Dog at Crufts 2011

-My eldest daughter, Katy Hollister, has shown Rauhan twice in the 'Junior Handler' competition and won both times (Finnish Lapphund Club show 2009, 2010)

Rauhan is Finnish for Peace and despite his name, he is very noisy when excited and full of energy. Rauhan is often out with Adrian Hollister on long Downland walks, where he is happy to be running all day. He lives with a family and was brought up around children. He is completely soppy and the girls refer to him as 'posh dog' as he doesn't like getting dirty.

Finnish Lapphunds are an easy going pastoral dog and with their long thick double coats are water proof and usually happy to be outside in rain and deep snow. They are a highly intelligent and active breed – they take well to training. They moult once a year and shed over a short time, making them good for people who normally have dog allergies. They are also amazingly family friendly as they readily accept family life as pack life. They are great herders and are good rounding up the kids and making sure everyone is present. You can find more details of my walks in my blog.


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