20’s Plenty for West Berkshire Communities

Inspired by the recent introduction of 20 mph speed limits across Portsmouth, Oxford and Reading, spokesman for Newbury Green Party, Adrian Hollister, said:

"By allowing communities to introduce their own 20mph speed limit on their roads, we would be clearly define areas within our communities that our residential areas are not designed for high speed motoring, short cuts or through roads."

"Reducing this speed not only improves safety it also allows eye contact between drivers and residence which helps to further discourage anti-social driving habits. This may be especially important for communities around and near schools, community centres and areas of high pedestrian traffic."

"These decisions should be taken by local people and I would also like to see the option for residence in West Berkshire, through their Parish Councils, to choose to change their road priority from 'the car is king' to one where pedestrians and cyclists have priority over other traffic."


Facts you need to know:

1. When hit by a car at 40 mph your chance of being killed is 90%, at 30 mph this drops to 20% and at 20 mph it drops again to just 5%.

2. See http://www.20splentyforuk.org.uk/fact_sheets.htm for briefing materials

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