Milk and More Reivew – get yourself a local milkman

Ok, it's been a while since I've seen a local milkman. But Milk and More and seeing a bit of a come back. Being in the middle of no where there are no local shops, so when I found out that Milk and More deliver out here I thought that I would give it a try. Our local branch is based in Newbury and they deliver three times a week to the downland area. They have a good web site and if you order before 9pm, they can deliver any extras the next day.

I've switched now from loads of darn plastic bottles of milk (we are a big family) to some nice glass pint bottles – something that can be reused and not just recycled. They also do organic milk in the glass pint bottles, so that's what we have. So the big question – is it more expensive that Tesco? Simple answer is yes. More complex and honest answer is No. But why no? Ethics aside, if I took a regular trip to the local shops I generally tend to buy things I don't need – chocolate, that two for one bargain and similar. With the milkman service I buy what I need. Bread, milk, cheese and some other basics.

So has this worked for us? For sure. It's working out very well. Things turn up just when I need them and I don't need to take that 'could be expensive' trip to the local shops. I've not been woken up by the milkman and the quality of the service is second to none. The thought of having bottles that can be reused appeals too. My plastic recycling bag is half empty now and this has to be a good thing. Therefore, it's a big thumbs up for Milk and More as a local milkman here in West Berkshire's Downlands.

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