It’s a recycled Christmas this year – first up a snowman

I'm a fair bit fed up with the Christmas decorations that you have to buy – generally they seem to be tat with no real personal value and so much waste. So yet again we are making our own. First up this year is a snowman and some snow flakes. All make with left overs and bits we've got from charity shops. So anyway, the background of our snowman and his scarf was drawn by Spog No.1 and used some cardboard from an old box. Sprog No's 2 and 3 stuck a variety of cotton wall balls, bits and other stuff to make it white and we added a Spog No.2 designed Hat and Spog No.3 decorated anything she could with old coloured paper, crayon, or just about anything she could get hold of. We've added a whole load of simple snow flakes, white and what ever other colour paper, card etc that came through the door with flyers, bills etc.


Next are some Christmas Tree's, more snow flakes and just about anything else we want to do. More recycling Christmas ideas to follow ":-)"

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