Should company cars be speed limited?

At the moment I rarely drive, but when I do I am amazed by the cars speeding where drivers I assume are either desperately trying to make up time, or are in it for the thrills. Often it's the company car drivers that are pushing their limits without a care in the world for the consequences. Speeding and careless drivers are greedy consumers of fuel, car parts, road maintenance, and gas/noise pollution; they are also people who negatively impact communities the most. They do this by scaring people from walking, cycling, they turn communities into hermits afraid to leave their front door, and they risk the health of us all.

Regardless of the impact to speeding and inappropriate driving, there are also legal consequences – it is illegal to speed and something that can and often does lead to a criminal record. I don't know how many company car drivers there are out there, but I'm betting we have 100's of thousands of them and companies largely over look speeding as a criminal act. Generally companies would not do this for other crimes such as fraud (something we seem to have zero tolerance for).

I wonder then, if UK Companies should be compelled legally to restrict the speed of our company cars to 60/70mph and strictly discipline any speeding or inappropriate driving?

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