Dear Richard Benyon, why do you insist we need new nukes?

Dear Richard Benyon,

It's clear that the cold war is over and spending a vast amounts of money on a new generation of nuclear weapons does not make the UK or the world a safer place.

In the 21st century we need an army (with boots) that are flexible enough to deal with security threats (primarily terrorism), peace keeping duties (and potentially interventions) and humanitarian missions, such as helping dealing with the aftermath of the Tsunami in Japan.

Through an FOI request ( it has been shown that the MoD are already purchasing parts for the next generation of nuclear weapons systems.

I note that you are strongly in favour of nuclear weapons but your coalition government announced a deferral of the decision to renew the nuclear submarine fleet (something that seems essential for the new range of nuclear weapons systems) until 2016.

I would appreciate an understanding of your position on EDM1477 – is this something that you agree with? I would also appreciate confirmation on the coalition government's stance on renewal of nuclear weapons – it seems to me very confused.

Lastly, I would also like to understand how you came to the judgement that nuclear weapons are in the best interests of our country – I have yet to see or read a rational unemotional justification.

Yours sincerely,

Adrian Hollister

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