Call for 50mph speed limit on A34 in Berkshire

Yet again there were more accidents on the A34 running past Newbury in West Berkshire. Weekly, if not daily there seem to be accidents involving the short slip roads or the slow and winding hill based section running through the downlands past East Ilsley. Both seem to cause traffic to slow down well below 70 often blocking both lanes leaving other traffic to panic, this is made worse by those selfish few driving faster than the conditions allow.

Why don't we just mandate a slower speed limit through Berkshire on the A34? Average speed camera's are often described as safety cameras, here is a real example where safety would undoubtedly improved.

So come on West Berkshire Council, improve our environment, our safety and save a bit of the environment too: reduce the speed limit on the A34 through Berkshire to 50mph.

Adrian Hollister.

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