West Berks local Green speaks in House of Commons

Newbury and West Berkshire Green Party member Miriam Kennet gave a speech in the House of Commons this week on changing the model of economics and business so that goods are no longer built with built in obsolence but everyone is encouraged to reuse recycle and repair things that once they would have thrown away. The capitol expenditure cost savings for local business would be significant.

The speech was hosted by COMTEK which specialises in preventing E waste. The local company The Green Ecnonomics Institute, with 3 offices in Reading help mobile phones to be recycled from the Thames Valley and given to people, to hospitals and schools in countries like Togo where people cant afford telephones. The evening also discussed how larger companies are lobbying against this initiative and how smaller companies can benefit and how open source is a very green idea.

Repairing computers is now becoming one of the fastest growing industries and the new ideas of recycling and reusing even computer applications was introduced. The evening held on the terrace at the House of Commons also featured the Carbon Trust, Computer Aid and many people from the telecoms, computer industry.

For further information and for press enquiries please email local member Miriam Kennet.

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