EMA heading to scrap heap – poorest hit yet again

How conned the people of Newbury and West Berkshire must feel. At every opportunity the Conservatives and Liberal Democrats go back on their election pledges. The EMA allowance was brought up several times in the hustings, with both parties pledging to invest more in education and keep education open to all. But how times change. Under the pretence that this is paying off our nations debts, both parties are intent on selling the future of our knowledge economy to pay for tax benefits for the super rich (1).

The Green Party have been clear all along – education must be open to all. Adrian Hollister from the Green Party in Newbury said, “The scrapping of the EMA is a clear attempt by the Conservative and Liberal Democrat government to exclude education, through financial burden, to poorer members of our society. Their obsession with reducing the national debt whilst conceding tax benefits to the super rich (1) demonstrates that their agenda is not a genuine attempt to help every member of our society.

The Green Party will continue to oppose their strategy and will continue to fight for a fair and inclusive society. Is is not too far a stretch of the imagination to see that if the Tory and Lib Dem's are allowed to continue their big business and super rich agenda, education and healthcare will only be available to those with enough disposable income to pay for it. The poor will once again be excluded and social mobility eradicated. This throw back to the Victorian era must not be allowed to happen.”

1. Tax cuts for the super rich include ways of avoiding paying inheritance tax http://www.hm-treasury.gov.uk/d/consult_age_75_annuity_responses.pdf

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