Incinerator heading for Chieveley & Curridge near Newbury

The planned incinerator plant near the M4 north of Newbury has rightly raised eyebrows from the locals in West Berkshire. The idea is to put the incinerator in an old quarry and ship vast quantities of waste to the plant to be burnt. It generates some net new electricity, but also stock piles vast quantities of nasty toxic chemicals and puts a whole bunch more into the air. Local residents of the downlands in West Berkshire are right to be concerned. The downlands are one of the last unspoilt parts of our country, with the legendary Ridgeway running through it's heart. The downlands supports farms with some of the highest animal welfare standards, studs, business and houses with a well knitted community. What Grundon are proposing directly attacks at the heart of the community here.

I am sure I will write more about this subject here, but for the moment here is a quick quote:

"Why anyone would want to pollute West Berkshire with additional CO2, toxins and ash is beyond me – the residents of Chieveley and the downlands area of north Berkshire have my complete support rejecting

this idea.

The re-branding of incineration of waste to environmentally friendly power production is a misnomer – Greens worldwide oppose incineration because rather than eliminate waste it encourages waste production and in the process creates dangerous, health threatening toxic by-products, which then have to be dumped. It's also an inefficient method of producing energy. A hierarchy of techniques with reduction, reuse and recycling is inherently more preferable to burial or incineration.

We must as a society reduce the amount of waste we produce and aim for a 'zero-waste' strategy (as has been successfully implemented in parts of (Canada and Australia). Good waste prevention and minimization would eliminate the need for this facility.

Adrian Hollister. "

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