Barmy bankers big bonus bonanza

How can you claim to be looking to save every penny and pay back the UK debt pile, if you are giving bankers – the cause of our recent recession – license to print money in large bonus' for it's staff? The Conservative/Lib Dem clear "big business/rich people" agenda is seeping through so that even the most die hard Times/Daily Mail reader can see. There was an opportunity here to push the excessive bonus tax for another year, it would help repay our debts and curb unsustainable targets. The banks were clearly happy to pay it and the staff were clearly happy to still have a job (and some bonus). Even easier, the Green Party way forward is simple to administer and monitor – cap state owned bankers bonus levels at £25K with a view to phase them out asap.

Old comment from Adrian Hollister – compensation always drives behaviour. If we are setting targets for people with big payouts attached to them, they are generally going to do all they can to achieve the targets to get the payouts. If you have to pay bonus monies, set the targets to be fair, ethical, and sustainable.

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