Without chickens my recycling rate has dropped

Christmas has come and gone and give or take we have been good with our recycling. We've not used anything we haven't needed to use and we have reused everything we can (amazing how present boxes can be turned into play kitchens, dens and a whole bunch of other things for the kids). This year I also separated the different types of waste when presents were opened – largely wrapping paper, cardboard and plastic bits.

The bit we failed on this year is the food. Whilst the dogs did their best to consume anything meaty, smelly or windy (why do my dogs love brussel sprouts?); we are missing the chickens. They did an excellent job of consuming all of the bread, veg, rice, pasta, and to be honest just about anything passed their way; and, of course, there is only so much you can give the wild birds without attracting hoards of mice, rats and other nasties into your garden.

So for the first time in ages we are actually putting food waste into the bin. Next on the shopping list must be some more chickens.

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