White roof, white roof, white roof, brown roof. Hmmm.

The cold may be endangering for some, annoying for others, great fun for kids and the rest of us; but there is a clear advantage of all this snow. Go along a row of houses and you can see which ones don't have any insulation. Seriously try looking up at the roof line and follow the levels of insulation. I am surprise quite how many are snow free – melted due to heat loss from the house. Heading from Newbury to Reading on the train was amazingly interesting. Terrace houses work especially well for this little game as there is always one in a long row of them with a snow free brown roof. So go outside and look at your roof – white usually means you have good insulation (or no heating!), partially or fully melted snow shows how much of your household heat is heading out through your roof. A few quid spend now on insulation will add significant benefits to your heating costs and will do your bit for the environment and the sustainability of our fuel sources. Check your local energy companies for insulation offers.

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White roof, white roof, white roof, brown roof. Hmmm. by Adrian Hollister is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International

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