Fire at Holiday Inn Plymouth

At 00:12 this morning the fire alarm went off at the Holiday Inn in Plymouth. When opening the hotel room door it was clear that there was smoke inside the hotel building – not visible, but you could certainly smell it. Most of us departed in an orderly way to the outside and watched as the smoke turned to flames and two fire engines turned into what appeared to be 10. It was certainly all very well done by the services there, but not so great from the Holiday Inn staff who did a role call right in front of the burning building and then sent us through the dense smoke to Jury’s Inn. Good to see that the manager from the Holiday Inn eventually took charge and found rooms for people. I found a bed by 03:00. Thankfully it appears that no one was seriously hurt.

There is a bit more information on the BBC News web site

The original video is also available on YouTube.

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