Ibex in Chaddworth Closed

It looks like the Ibex in Chaddleworth has closed. Chaddleworth's pub, The Ibex, has won several awards including South East Entertainment Pub of the Year 2010 and West Berks CAMRA Community Pub 2009 but has been surrounded in controversy when the landlady Julia Jones stole over £15,000 from the village post office effectively closing the branch. I went to the pub quite often when I first moved into the area, but poor, grumpy and what can best be described as stroppy service drove me and others away. It was always going to be doomed when the landlady stole from our post office and then went around boasting about how she got away with it. The locals effectively just stopped going there.

At least the change will be good for our community and I hope to see the Ibex re-open without the taint of the previous tenants.

If you want a great pub in the Downlands area then Adrian Hollister's recommendation is The Stag in Leckhampstead – great food and a great atmosphere (relaxing and comfortable).

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