Tory’s and Lib Dems start bickering locally but agree nationally

Tory's and Lib Dems start bickering locally but agree nationally as reported in the Newbury Weekly News.

I am amazed at the bare faced cheek from the Newbury Liberal Democrats – they seem to forget that they are in power with the Tories. They chose to sell their objectives and morals so that they could go into power; and they did this knowing that they were joining with a party offering fundamentally different views on almost every issue. Now these differences are coming closer to the surface, local Liberal Democrat party members are being shamed into speaking out.

In the local election debates and hustings the Liberal Democrats agreed with the Green Parties assertions that "Nuclear weapons are a humanitarian, moral, legal and environmental disaster." but they could not agree on what to do with them. Their last review in April this year asserts "there are credible alternatives to the like-for-like replacement of Trident."(1) In the local hustings this seemed to vary some where between the Green Party's clearly anti-Trident stance and the Tory's clearly pro-Trident stance. In this I can only assume they hope to confuse voters enough that they wouldn't ask too many more questions on the subject (and Nuclear weapons only came up twice in our local hustings).

There is only one political party in our area that has had a consistent vision for AWE – the Green Party. During the hustings, at peoples front doors, on the radio and on numerous video interviews I have always stated that AWE is a facility with immense intellectual value – something that we should not throw away, reduce, or leave to rot over time. This vast pool of intellect could be used to push this country to the top levels of sustainability. Imaging if we did not need to rely upon imported gas, oil, coal or manufactured goods. We are an immensely creative society – we could easily invest in this

Mr Rendel mocks his political party and their coalition cuts as 'irresponsible', but it is you who is irresponsible Mr Rendel: It is irresponsible for Mr Rendel to want to see AWE whither on the vine – dead after the current generation; it is irresponsible for Mr Rendel to blame the Tories for actions in his coalition that don't make good press; but fundamentally, it is irresponsible for Mr Rendel to continue to support the Liberal Democrats when their centre left agenda was ripped up for a moment of power with the extreme right wing Tory hatchet mob.

Ultimately though, this issue will come to the people of West Berkshire to vote upon in the next local elections – Blue Tory, Yellow Tory, or a credible, honest and progressive Green Party.

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