The real Tory and Lib Dem agenda starts to become visible

If we ever needed evidence that the Conservative and Liberal Democrats agenda is aimed at saving only the super rich, the latest Condem announcements make it clear. Already squeezing the poor for as much as they can get away with (branded 'scroungers' or similar by the condems) the parties now set their sites at the middle class. Changes to universal benefits are in complete contrast to those proposed by the Green Party. They are also in complete contrast to the original policies of the Liberal Democrats. Their continued thirst for power at any cost still shocks me.

Clearly we have a new extreme right wing element in our politics. The Conservatives and Liberal Democrats represent this disturbing change. Whilst the Labour party is lost in it's strange middle ground, the Green Party does still offer an alternative. The Green Party seems to be the only large political party party in the UK offering a an alternative that doesn't discriminate against the poorest whilst bailing out the richest. Personally, I still can't see why we need to cut so many services… if the banks and the super rich were to pay back their debt to society I'm sure that our debts would decrease very quickly.

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