Vodafone just don’t quite get the parking problem

The article in last weeks Newbury Weekly News discusses the problem with the parking at Vodafone in Newbury. Essentially all contractors have been asked to park away from the main site and catch a bus. Vodafone's response to the problem is an obvious and typical corporate response – we will put on more buses between the sites.

Vodafone could consider a different approach:

1. Favour local resources that have access to the bus services offered by Vodafone – local jobs for local people. Put this in their contract terms to all firms supplying contract workers and take away the additional parking spaces.

2. Promote home working – this improves quality of life. If 1 in 3 people at Vodafone requiring a parking space worked at home the problem would go away.

3. Move the offices from a road/car dependant location to one easily served by buses and trains (oh hang on – they have just done the opposite of this :S)

Of course, there is still the question of these massive numbers of Vodafone buses running around mostly empty. Perhaps Vodafone can consider allowing people to travel in them free along the routes they travel? This could save off-set an enormous number of cars between Thatcham, Newbury and surrounding areas; and would be an enormous give back from Vodafone to the community of Newbury and West Berkshire.

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