No plastic tea bags please

Recently brought up in the press again is the use of plastic in tea bags. Modern tea bags from the big brands use between 10-30% plastic in their bags. This, of course, is not compostable and won't bio-degrade quickly in your compost bin. Twinings, PG, Lipton and Tetley appear to be some of those brands who have been identified as using plastic in their tea bags. Given the very high price most people pay for tea and coffee in canteens and cafe's, shouldn't we be getting the best product available? Should we be worried by any chemical leaked from the plastic when immersing this plastic in boiling water?

Companies like Tea Pigs sell tea in bags that will fully degrade in the standard compost cycle. They are expensive compared to supermarket tea, but outside of the home our drinks are not exactly cheap. Perhaps a switch a switch to 'better for us all' tea bags would be a good idea and could be done in conjunction with a home composting campaign by the offending tea companies.

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