Greens Proud to have spent the least in the Newbury election

So desperate were the local Conservatives and Liberal Democrats that they spent over 12K each fighting for power in this election. I've no doubt that this put both local parties into debt – something they both vowed to bring the country out of. The Green's here in West Berkshire spent the least on electioneering and as the parliamentary candidate for the Green Party in Newbury, Adrian Hollister said, "I am proud of what was achieved with such frugal funding"

Overall the Tories will have spent a good deal of money per vote, plus of course the interest on the loans issued to them and other debts to be paid. I'm guessing when everything is tallied up, they will have spent about a £1 per vote – about the same as everyone else. This shows how much reform needs to happen on our current election system. Pounds sterling should not equal votes. People should be able to feel free to vote for what is right; for what in their heart they believe in; and not what some marketeer or media source has told them.

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