Don’t buy Abbey Santander ‘peace of mind’ – it’s anything but

If, like me, you've pulled your hair out trying to get anything useful from the bleedin' awful Abbey / Santander 'peace of mind' insurance service you may like me want to complain by email their exec team. Not too difficult to work out their email address ( Of course, they didn't reply or do anything about it, but it made me feel better when they dropped me in a smoking pile of the stuff.

So complaints to Abbey / Santander Insurance are generally ignored by them using the ole' "it's nothing to do with us as we sold you someone else's insurance you need to contact them" routine; and, of course, those third parties regulate themselves with their own "I don't give a stuff about you" mentality. These companies should be made accountable for their near scam activities and certainly they should not be able to claim the words "peace of mind" in relation to their insurance services.

My 2p worth – don't buy Abbey Santander Insurance – they've got it horribly wrong and offer terrible value.

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