Two party Newbury

Well in Newbury Adrian Hollister won just under 500 votes in a system that promotes and encourages a two party system. We did this with no budget but a whole bunch of enthusiasm. Thanks to my election agent Pam Cooper who did so much work it amazes me she manages to fit in her family and keep smiling!

I doubt that the votes cast are a true representation of the views of the public at large in Newbury – they were told over and over again that only the Tory's or Lib Dems could win in Newbury – and the votes reflected that. If a real PR system were to be introduced I am sure that the voting pattern would be much more realistic (something that the Greens have seen through out the rest of Europe).

This makes Caroline Lucas' win in Brighton Pavilion much more impressive. Against all the odds and against the expectations of the national media, Caroline pulled a stunning win out of the bag. This will help to show that there are more than just three political parties out there; demonstrate that the Green Party is more than tree's and human rights; and show that Green politics are about people, communities and quality of life.

In Newbury, the Lib Dems were clearly damaged by their anti-democratic / negative campaigning – the 'no one else can win here but con/lib dem' may even prove to be right if the Lib Dems make a deal with the Tory old boys tonight. I wonder how many Lib Dem voters will be disheartened that their protest vote against the Tories will be wasted in a Tory/Lib Dem pact.

So, thanks again to Pam Cooper and all of my supporters out there! It's been really good hearing all your words of support. Thanks also to the other candidates for standing up for what they think is right.

Adrian Hollister

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