Can’t Win Here – conned by the Liberal Democrats (again)

"Can't Win Here" – words that Lib Dem's have been saying and publishing here in West Berkshire for quite some time. They are of course referencing New Labour and the rest (including us Greens). "Your vote will be wasted" – how many times have I heard that – there are, of course, only two political parties in Newbury (according to the Lib Dems) … Tory old boys or Lib Dems. Both in opposition to each other, both with different morals, both with different ethics.

What irony now that the Lib Dem's are sleeping with the devil.

All those protest votes against the Tories that went to the Lib Dems 'because no one else could win' have been waisted. You have been lied to by the Liberal Democrats – a vote for them is a vote for the Tories – don't be conned by the Liberal Democrats any longer – they don't care about people, communities, our society, and our futures. They are only in it for power.

So, don't waste your vote again on the unpredictable, unreliable and unethical Liberal Democrats – they will sell their souls for a moment of glory.

Move to better and co-operative politics, with ethics, community and our environment at it's centre – move to the Green Party.

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